When one is warm, we’re all warm


When I was younger, for a short while of my life I was actually taken from my father and I found myself in a place extremely unfamiliar. I woke up the next day in Methodist Home; An orphanage in New Orleans. I’ve since looked this place up and it no longer exists. During my time there it was, to put it lightly, and extremely unpleasant experience. However, one of the group counselors who would make the rounds on our orphanage in particular realized that it was pretty darn cold. This counselor realized pretty quickly that it was very challenging to keep our attention. I believe she had a plan to knock out two birds with one stone and she taught us a skill. That skill was crocheting and knitting! We would then have competition on who could create the best moccasins out of yarn. The last Christmas spent there we actually laughed because most of our slippers looks like elf shoes!

Never in my life would I have thought I would’ve taken anything from that awful experience; living in an orphanage. As an adult I have fallen in love with chunky knit blankets. I also did not fall in love with the extremely high retail price of these. I decided there’s got to be a better way to produce something that is full of true love that is also affordable. And there it was – me and a pile of yarn. I put on some great music and I began to hone in on my craft!


Each one of these blankets I make with my own hands! Pouring every ounce of love into each knot, each loop, each blanket. Every blanket has a very sweet insignia on it! You’ll see when you order your blanket.

What makes my blanket so special is not only do I get to adorn your beautiful home with a piece of art that I have created with my own hands, but within the next 2 to 5 years I want to give back so there’s never another child that is cold! Meaning, every blanket that sold there will be a blanket donated to a child in need.